How to Create a Business Page on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most powerful social Media Platform. Recently, many businesses are using Facebook to market their Business. The first and foremost step to market on Facebook is creation of an effective Facebook Business Page.

We are listing some simple steps to created an effective Business Page on facebook.

Step 1: Go To

It Provides you various Options. Select the right option for your business. In case you are running a Local Business, Select Local Business or Place

Fig 1.1

Step 2: Select a Category for the Business

To create your Facebook Page, Type a Name and complete the Address fields and also type your business Phone Number. Type a Valid phone number for your business.

Select the correct option for your business and click “Get Started”.

fig 1.2

Step 3: A set up screen is shown. In the First field enter Information about your Business

Add a Category and a Few lines about Your Business. You can later Add more information About Your Page. Its Important that You use the right keywords in your About Description so that your page shows up when people search products or services  related to your page.

Notice that it is not Difficult to Create a Business Page on Facebook.

fig 1.3

Add the Website URL, if you have one.

Step 4. After complete the About Section, you are required to Upload a Profile Picture. 

Your Profile Pic. should be such that attract audience and tell them about your Business. Remember, a picture says lot more than Words.

fig 1.4

Step 5:  Add your page to Your Favorites

Fig 1.5


Step 6: Select Audience for your page – People who you would like to visit your page.

Here, first you can select a location for your business. If your customers are targeted at a particular location, select that location. Understand that Targeted marketing works the Best.

Next, you can select age group for your page audience. If you are a Designer, select an age group that is most likely to connect with you, for example Women in the age group of 20 to 35. Select Gender and then select Interests of your Audiences.

Audience Selection is the most important part of your Page Creation.

Fig 1,6

Finally, Click Save and Your Facebook Business Page is Created.

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